Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack

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If you're treating your dog or cats skin problems topically (directly on the skin) and not gaining any great results, then you may just be putting a bandage over a deeper issue. The 100% natural Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack is designed to assist in treating your dog or cat's skin condition from the inside.
  • The Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack can be used for the treatment all types of skin conditions, including licking, biting and chewing
  • Is suitable for allergies and dietary related conditions 
  • Is suitable for skin types: dry scaly skin, oily skin & rancid skin odour
  • Can be used with all kinds of pet food and is a great tasting easy-dose supplement
  • Formulated by Australian naturopaths and made from botanical source ingredients
  • Australian made and owned
Pack includes:
  • 200ml Omega Oil
  • 50g High Potency Vitamin C
  • 50g DigestaVite Plus 
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Natural diet sheet